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- Latin root for speed, rapid, or swift. Early bikes were called Velocipedes. (Speed-Foot) and the earliest bikes did not have pedals, you scooted your feet on the ground to build speed.

La Crosse has certainly proven itself to be a "Bike City". VeloCity Projects mixes a history of physics and a passion for recreation to create a beautiful yet functional space for you to play.
Jed biking.jpg
Jed Olson

Owner, VeloCity Projects

Advocate – Teacher -  Builder – Leader - Dreamer

As the founder of VeloCity Projects, JED has found a way to create living impact by linking his love of adventure with his passion for vibrant and just communities.  Decades of working with industry leaders in outdoor recreation and education, combined with his vision for change have developed his skillset as a business executive and skilled craftsman.  

JED has developed outdoor recreation & sports training curriculum and facilities for collegiate outdoor programs, public schools, non profit organizations, summer camps, private individuals, and municipalities.  His passion for bicycles has developed into a particular affinity for bike-based projects, ranging from bicycle playgrounds to linear trails and has put him at the front of national trends in wheel friendly infrastructure. 


VeloCity Projects strives to develop programming and infrastructure that increases access and awareness of the value of physical activity and natural surroundings and recently installed the first asphalt pump track and all-weather bicycle playground in the Upper Midwest. 



Hey, I'm Jed! The brains AND braun behind VeloCity Projects. I started off as a physics teacher who loved biking & building things. I'm lucky to call this my "day job". 

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