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Project Management

     Sometimes you have all the skills and hands at-the-ready you need, but the ideas and planning just aren't happening. Or maybe you want to fund a project but have no experience with the execution. 


     Our crew can handle the dirty work, but we're also pretty good at guiding the planning and organization of projects. Don't hesitate to run an idea past our team to see if our style fits your vision.

     Ideas are endless and we consider ourselves creative folks. Let's get together to make great things in our community come to life!


     Our crew loves dirt, that' a fact. Digging in it, molding it into play-scapes and tracks or packing it into a multi-use Natural Surface Trail system. We do a bit of everything and have a wide range of experience that were ready to put to use. 

     We have a small fleet of the best dirt-digging tools so we can be versatile in the projects we take on. Whether your idea is a better backyard or a recreation opportunity on under-utilized public land, Let's think BIG and move forward together!

     Looking to get involved with our adventures? We have a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year that are perfect for small groups to get involved in the community by putting more trails in our backyard. 


     Does your group need a tour of the local historical spots? How about a swing through downtown and the scenic lookouts over the Mississippi River? Or have you been meaning to learn that new sport (fat-biking, snowshoeing etc.) but need some direction on where to begin? 


     Our staff knows the area well and we're happy to share it with others. The Coulee Region has so much to offer! We can set up a variety of experiences for your small group to get a unique experience of all that the area provides. 

Custom Jobs

     We dream BIG at VeloCity Projects! Customization is probably our favorite aspect of the job and the creative options can seem endless. We're happy to take an idea - maybe scratched on the back of a piece of mail or dirty napkin, and turn it into "the best backyard in the neighborhood". 


     We'd love to be a part of your next job, whether it's the whole process from blueprint to ribbon-cutting, or just a piece in the the larger puzzle. Our team works hard to bring you a unique result and we can't wait to see your vision come to life! Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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